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from WORKFORCE magazine:

Sitting and talking with Beth Barrett, vice president of operations at the company's Dallas headquarters, you quickly realize that the company isn't like most old-economy retailers. And Barrett definitely isn't a conventional head of human resources. Much about the organization and how it handles people management is unusual, but well suited to the company's unique business mission: To sell products that save customers space and time. Just as no organizational product solution is ever the same for two different customers, The Container Store believes that people management should be the same way.  Read more:

from Human Resource Executive magazine:

Elizabeth "Beth" Barrett, vice president of operations, under whose leadership HR falls, has been known to hold out for months until she finds the perfect match for a position.  "If you are willing to hold a position open in a store for maybe two months until you find the right person instead of hiring the first person who comes through the door, if you are absolutely stubborn in your approach, it can take awhile,"  Barrett says.  Read more:

from Ft. Worth Business Press Homestyle magazine

Barrett was credited with leading The Container Store to become the “Best Company to Work For In America,” as recognized by Fortune magazine – more than once, Kleberg says.

Barrett moved to Delivery Limited because it reminded her of the early years at The Container Store – “employees with extreme passion for customer service, a customer-focused culture and people willing to do almost anything to please the customer.”   Read more:


Recently while sitting by the edge of a lake in the Adirondacks chatting with a woman I had just met from Manhattan, she propped up on her elbow after our initial exchange of backgrounds, looked at me quizzically and said, “Please explain to me why 90% of the people I know are miserable in their jobs?” 90%? Perhaps exaggerated. But in order to get to the bottom of this quandary, let’s take on the toughest industry that there is when it comes to employees, culture and upward career mobility: Retail.  Read more:

from Fortune magazine

The 100 Best Companies to Work For   1. The Container Store   Read more:  

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